My name is Andrew, I am in a amazing class. I take a shop class for computer engineering. It is something I always wanted to take. At first, the class was a bit tedious. The first quiz I took for the class was really hard for me. As the school year went on, I started to comprehend the topics in the class. My teacher , Mr. Ahmed, made the lessons easy to understand.

I learned so many things in this class. I never knew the brain of the computer was the CPU, I always thought it was the motherboard. I also got the opportunity to see the inside of a computer in person. That is just one of many things I have learned in this class. There is a 3 part certification exam, hopefully I can pass all three and get certified. It would mean a lot to me if I passed all three parts. It is a great thing to have certifications and skills. Computer engineering is one of my favorite subjects. I hope I can have another class like this.

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