My name is Jose and I’m in a program that I would’ve never thought I would be in. This program is called “Computer Technology and Engineering”, this program has taught me a lot about computer hardware, and software. When the first day of class occured my mind didn’t know how to do a screw test, troubleshoot an IP address, and other things. Now I can take certain parts out of a pc such as the hard drive, ram(s), IDE cables, CD drive, motherboard, and the power supply. This has changed my life on how interesting computers can really be.

When I took the first test of the class i failed it terrible but during the days, weeks, and months I’ve been working hard to pass, and some exams I’ve been passing I can see some changes. On software I’ve learned how to remove virus, learned the difference between firewall and Antivirus, and some codes for command prompt. My mind is just been focused on getting certified. Now am going to get certified and be a great technician.


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