We all encounter occasional typical presentation assignments in variety of classes. The typical presentation takes five to ten minutes and often consists of researched information and each student comes to the front of the class to tell of the information they find.

The presentation we did for our english 11/Pre-AP however is not a typical presentation. The class was divided into groups of three and each member of each groups have specific roles. The goal of this project is to design a lesson about the book “down these mean streets” and analyze the social issues encountered in this book using psychoanalytic concepts that are present. Psychoanalysis is the breaking up of the mind (personality)  into basic parts.

 This lesson has to take a minimum of thirty minutes but often takes the whole period. In this lesson, each group has to create an aim to base the lesson on, research common core learning standards, creating a TAP by finding relevant video clips or informational text that will be used to develop the class’ understand of the times and social issues found in the book. Then move to the main lesson which, uses psychoanalysis to understand why the characters do what they do using evidence for the text.

 The most important section in this lesson is perhaps the discussion questions where each group asks the class questions that will help to deeply analyze sections of the book and  its characters. This is the section that profoundly makes the difference between this presentation and others and makes this more of a teaching experience rather than a presentation.

By: Sheriff Sanni

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