Since the beginning of the school year, the administration of Transit Tech High School has been attempting to get students evolved with activities occurring at school which can open great opportunities for the students. As of November, the school came up with the idea of a monthly meeting also known as the Town Hall meeting which we have with the student body where we can talk about opportunities the school has to offer, opinions about what is occurring in school as well as give the students an opportunity to showcase any talents that they may hold such as singing, dancing, artwork, poetry and many more. As a Junior, I feel that these monthly meetings that we have is a great way of knowing what is going on in school and it gives students a chance to showcase how talented they are. Performing in December’s Town Hall Meeting was amazing and I was elated to see how many people in my school that were passionate in what they do. It gave students a chance to express how they feel in other art forms instead of writing it on a piece of paper. I look forward to being apart of the town hall meetings that we have and seeing how many people would be interested to be apart of the meetings as well. These meetings that we have will bring students together to be involved in something positive and aware everyone about the opportunities that the school has to offer.



By: Safiya Henry

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