New York City high school students are fortunate to have unique learning opportunities only a large metropolis can offer. There are hands-on career experiences such as internships at NYC Fleet auto re-pair garages through the Career and Technical Education (CTE) pro-gram. Another CTE facility allows students to work on real functional R44 model subway cars during the school day: Transit Tech High School in East New York. Transit Tech houses authentic subway cars as large silver classrooms.

DCAS Fleet was invited to a CTE meeting and tour of the facility in April. The subway cars were donated by MTA in 2009, and brought into the school some distance away from the closest tracks through an elaborate towing and crane operation. Stu-dents are able to walk into and under the cars to conduct mechanical and electrical lab exercises on them.

June 2015 will mark the 100th Transit Tech graduating class. Alumni have compiled a strong ‘track’ record. “Forty-nine students are participating in internships including with MTA, DIIT, DSF, and Scholars At Work across NYC. Many of our alumni work for the MTA, TA, and Amtrak. Currently, our Amtrak recruiter/promoter is a Transit Tech High School graduate and is the supervisor for Sunnyside Yard,” said Assistant Principal Sam Ahmed. We anticipate the success will continue. Congratulations to the Class of 2015 and the staff of a great high school program.

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