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College Summit is a non-profit organization whose mission is to increase youth college enrollment rates from low-income communities. This is implemented through a college and career readiness curriculum which is gears towards providing opportunities for Black and Latino students with a myriad of options to continue or improve their post-secondary plans.

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College Summit entered the doors of Transit Tech during the fall of 2014 with 21 active peer leaders. Transit had an active team that held many events to support college and career readiness. CUNY month, App-A- Thon, Information sessions, FAFSA month were some of the activities that the group embarked on.  Not only were we active in school but also outside of school doing community service. We participated in can drives for Thanksgiving, toy drives for Christmas and visiting the “home for the age” In Far Rockaway,

The year culminated with an awards ceremony held at Mutual Of America, one of the cooperate sponsors of the program. Lateef Romeo, Denise Medina and Ibrahima Barry were awarded “Spirit of an Inspired Peer leader” award. Jahquar Williams received the “Possibility Walk “award.



It was an active year, full of challenges but also lots of accomplishments for the students. Even so, there is always room for improvement and growth to continue the mission that College Summit has set for this school. We extend our best wishes to the class of 2015 and our continued support to the upcoming Class of 2016.

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