Transit Tech held its 101st graduation ceremony at the Christian Cultural Center on June 24, 2016.  The first female president of the MTA, Veronique Hakim, was the keynote speaker at graduation.  We were also fortunate to have City Councilman Rafael L Espinal and representatives from Brooklyn DA Thompson and Congressman Hakeem Jeffries offices there providing their usual support and sharing great news for the future. Lastly, a representative from West Point Military Academy, Captain Bryant, presented one of our graduates, Mike-Andre M. , with his admission certificate.  Recognition from the various players instrumental to the admission process gave special mention to Melissa Cisco, who not only pave the way for us to have this fabulous event at this spectacular location, but steered, guided and mentored our young scholar to West Point Military Academy with determination and passion.  Also in attendance from MTA were: Wynton Habersham, Senior Vice President, Subways; Patricia Lodge, Vice President, HR; Patrick Smith, Chief Officer, HR; Rhonda Hogan-Brock, Assistant Vice President, HR; Jennifer Buchanan, Manager of Staffing and Recruitment Initiatives, HR; James Sanon, Senior Videographer, HR; Joel Andrews, Chief Officer, Equal Employment Opportunity; and Michael Collins, Assistant Chief, Diversity and Inclusion.

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