June 2021 Regents Exams

Attention: Parents/Guardians/Families/Students

NYS June Regents Exam Update

1.       When are the exams? 

The New York State (NYS) Regents exams will be administered in-person starting June 17 – 24 for the following subjects:  

English Language Arts – Thursday, June 17  

Living Environment – Tuesday, June 22  

Algebra I – Wednesday, June 23  

Earth Science – Thursday, June 24  

All other subject exams have been cancelled for the June 2021 administration. 

2.       If my student is already learning in the building, do I still need to sign up for the exams?  

Yes. You must let us know if you would like your student to take a Regents exam, whether they are learning in-person or remotely.  

3.       My student is fully-remote. Are they expected to come in to take the exams?  

No. Students receiving fully-remote instruction are not expected to come to school to take the Regents exams. However, if you would like your student to take an exam, they can be included for the in-person exam —just notify us using the form below.  

4.       Is my student eligible for a Regents waiver?  

To be eligible for a Regents exam waiver in June or August 2021, your student must pass the course sequence leading up to that Regents exam. You may wish to have your student take the Regents exam if they are not on track toward passing all of the necessary courses by June.  Students can use these waivers towards graduation requirements. 

5.       Participation 

It is very important you let us know if you would like your student to participate in this year’s Regents exams so that we can prepare and create a testing schedule that ensures the health and safety of all our students. Please read on for more information about this year’s exams. 

To create a testing schedule, plan for proctors, and determine room assignments, the deadline for families to respond is no later June 1st 2021.  Please note that schools will test only those students whose families have replied with a request to test.  

If you would like your child to participate in this year’s State exams, please notify us using the form below by by this June 1st 2021.

Regents exam participation form: Families please discuss with your student the options and have your student use their DOE login credentials to complete this form:

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 If you have exam specific questions, please contact your students content teachers and/or guidance counselor.