Transit Tech Athletics – Spectator Policy

Transit Tech CTE High School

Spectator Policy for Indoor Athletic Events

(Revised 11/19/21)

To maintain the safety of our athletes, coaches, and managers the following Spectator Policy will be enforced for indoor athletic games and events at The Transit Tech CTE High School, located at 1 Wells Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11208.

The Transit Tech CTE HS is NOT allowing any spectators from visiting teams. (ie. no visiting students, parents, cheerleaders, boosters. etc.)

In accordance with the NYCDOE School Health Policy, everyone (including staff, team personnel, visitors, spectators, and essential personnel must complete and pass the NYCDOE Daily Health Screening to enter the building.

The names of ALL visiting coaches, athletes, and managers must be posted on the PSAL website in order to enter the building.

All PSAL contests begin at the time posted on the PSAL website. Changes must be made in advance in accordance with PSAL protocol. Visiting teams will not have access to the gymnasium before 4:00 PM for PSAL contests scheduled for 4:30 PM.

Coaches are responsible for directly supervising their teams at all times, including during competition, entering and exiting the building together.

Current Transit Tech CTE HS students must present their school ID or valid photo ID to attend home games.

Transit Tech is equipped with scanners and metal detectors. ALL visitors will be scanned upon entering the building.

Adult parents, guardians or guests of current Transit Tech CTE HS team members can attend home games.

Transit Tech student athletes are required to complete the guest visitor form at least one day before the game/match.

Parents/guardians/visitor guests of Transit Tech student athletes must present valid photo ID and valid proof of COVID-19 vaccinations to School Safety upon entry to the building.

Due to social distancing requirements as per NYCDOE School Health Policy

Parents/guardians will be given preferential seating for the events.

A limited number of spectators will be allowed in the gym maintaining 3 ft. social distancing where possible.

ALL visitors must wear approved face coverings.

All visitors will adhere to NYCDOE Behavioral Expectations Guidelines.

No food is allowed into the gym.

Only team personnel, are allowed on or near the team bench.

All spectators must remain seated in the bleachers.

Unruly visitors will be dismissed from the event and not allowed to return.

Transit Tech reserves the right to make changes to these rules on the day of the contest. Changes will be reported to the principal, coach and school safety.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the school.