Commencement 2016 🎓

Transit Tech held its 101st graduation ceremony at the Christian Cultural Center on June 24, 2016.  The first female president of the MTA, Veronique Hakim, was the keynote speaker at graduation.  We were also fortunate to have City Councilman Rafael L Espinal and representatives from Brooklyn DA Thompson and Congressman Hakeem Jeffries offices there providing their usual support and sharing great news for the future. Lastly, a representative from West Point Military Academy, Captain Bryant, presented one of our graduates, Mike-Andre M. , with his admission certificate.  Recognition from the various players instrumental to the admission process gave special mention to Melissa Cisco, who not only pave the way for us to have this fabulous event at this spectacular location, but steered, guided and mentored our young scholar to West Point Military Academy with determination and passion.  Also in attendance from MTA were: Wynton Habersham, Senior Vice President, Subways; Patricia Lodge, Vice President, HR; Patrick Smith, Chief Officer, HR; Rhonda Hogan-Brock, Assistant Vice President, HR; Jennifer Buchanan, Manager of Staffing and Recruitment Initiatives, HR; James Sanon, Senior Videographer, HR; Joel Andrews, Chief Officer, Equal Employment Opportunity; and Michael Collins, Assistant Chief, Diversity and Inclusion.

Transit Tech Students Networking with Minority Transportation Officials and Distinguished Guests of COMTO.

Three students (Fidel Molina, William Ortiz and Safiya Henry) along with the principal of Transit Tech CTE HS were invited to the Conference of Minority Transportation Officials (COMTO) Black Heritage Celebration on February 25, 2016.  Our students had the opportunity to network and exchange ideas during the event, which included MTA New York City Transit System President Veronique Hakim, Metro-North Railroad President, Joseph Giulietti, and several COMTO members including Senior Vice-President of MTA Subways, Wynton Habersham.

MTA President visit to Transit Tech.

We were excited to receive distiguished guest from the MTA on May 5th, who included the fist ever female President, Veronique Hakim and Senior Vice-President of Subway Operations, Wynton Habersham.  Ms. Hakim interacted with students and teachers in classrooms, presented and conducted a Q/A and observed a student presentation on train network simulation.  Transit Tech CTE HS is very proud of our partnership with the MTA and appreciate all the valuable support we receive from this partnership.


College Summit – Classroom Door Project

College Summit Doors done by our very own peer leaders here at Transit Tech High School. The idea behind this is to make our students aware of different colleges to aid them in maybe choosing one. The colleges were chosen based on the college the teacher went to. The goal was also to make the school look a little bit more brighter for everyone.

Below is a short video clip that highlights various classroom doors decorated by the College Summit team.