Howard University College Tour

Transit Students!  Our College and Career Office will be hosting our first college tour of the year to Washington, D.C.!  We will visit the campuses of Howard and Georgetown Universities.  We will also attend Howard’s Homecoming Game!  We will also visit the National Museum of African American History, the Smithsonian and tour the National Mall.  The total cost for students will be $85.00.   All fees should be paid by money order payable to, “Four Winds Tours.”  If you would like to register, please click below.

Black Expo 2017

The College and Career Office will travel to Medgar Evers for the 6th Annual New York Black College Expo Tour begins the school year in Brooklyn!!!

Get a jump start on your future by being the first Seniors and Juniors to interview with a variety of colleges and universities and start planning where you want to be when you graduate.

Students come prepared with your transcripts, ACT or SAT scores and reach out to all the schools present. You might get accepted on the spot or earn a scholarship to your dream school. Also, do not forget to submit your essay to “Win DOLLARS for college” scholarship on behalf of the National College Resources Foundation

Join the Black College Expo in the outdoor Amphitheater from 10am to 3pm and the after show from 3pm to 5pm.  The fee will be $6.00

Your admission serves as a donation to our program, where we help underserved and underrepresented students with resources to college, careers and beyond!

After you register, please request a permission slip from Ms. Cisco or Mr. Ramsey in order to attend.  Please click the link below to register: