Advice from our students

Many students enter Transit Tech CTE High School confused, scared and not sure where their future will lead them. Within a few months of classes, they realize they’re not alone. The support system at Transit Tech allows students to overcome this uncertainty by working collectively with the school staff and their peers.

For clarity here’s a video showing students of the Class of 2015 providing feedback and leaving something behind for our current students as well as incoming freshmen.

Beautiful days – By Ifreet Ibtida

“Beautiful days,” I said to myself under my breath as I turn over the pages of my photo album. I could still remember the last time I visited my grandfather. It was about a decade ago but those memories still remain fresh in the back of my mind as if it was yesterday.
I was four then, and had just started school about a few weeks ago and as he had promised me before, he took me to the nearby bird zoo, where birds of different kinds were kept, and the best part was that they were not caged love bird specially those pair of newly brought blue winged macaws.
I took my brand new binoculars with me and looked here and there while my grandfather pointed out different sorts of birds and told me about them as we walked along hand in hand. Then suddenly we stopped in front of the big maple tree, “Why are we stopping here?” I asked my grandfather.

“Wait. Let me show you…..”and stopping in mid-sentence he hastily made an odd sound with his mouth and one of the blue winged macaws landed on his hand. They looked gorgeous up close, wings the color of the most vibrant baby blue I have ever seen, the green of the body feather effortlessly blending with the blue hue and gave off a golden sheen.

“Want to hold it for me?” he said turning to me with the brightest smile  and I shook my head vigorously to say “yes” not being able to hold my glee.
The bird sat on my fingers with its sharp talons wrapped around them while I patted on its head and grandpa took pictures of me with that bird. We stopped by here and there around the trees to take more pictures of the birds; the fun, the delight went on and on until I realized that he looked exhausted, he was puffing and panting, and looked more pale and sweaty.
It was almost evening when we sat under the shade of the trees, beside the lake that ran into the zoo. I landed on the grass with my back against it, munching on a toffee bar and complementing the beautiful shades of neon pink, orange and yellow against the coming evening ,and the perfect reflection of the scenario above on the calm lake water, while a soft breeze carrying sweet smelling flowers shook the vermillion and orange leaves of the maple trees making tiny waves on the lake water and creating ripples and spreading across it like wild fire.
“Look at the evening star. Someday I will be there, watching over you,” said grandpa, his hazel eyes sparkling against all that was there.
“You have a spaceship. Don’t you? or else how are going there? “I replied and he smiled, “Can you tell mum to let me go with you too?” I asked, pleadingly, with the widest smile I could manage to pull off.
I could see him smile, all he did was smile, he covered his eyes from view and just kept a smile on his face.
“Promise me you will talk to mum, and force her to let me go with you there? I want to see those aliens!!! I want to see them!!! I want to touch the star!!!”
He started to chuckle and I yelled, frustrated, “Give me an answer already and stop laughing…” I lowered my voice a bit, “would you?”

“I will take you there, someday, I promise. Not today, not anytime soon, but someday, Okay?” He said through closed eyes.



“That’s a promise right? You will remember, right?”

“I will remember,” he said and patted on my head, messing up my pigtails.

The colors start to fade away slowly and suddenly, blending into a whirlpool of nothingness, disappearing and I try to hold onto the colors but they slip away ,slip away from my fingers…..”NO!NO!NO!NO!NO!NO!NO!NO!NO!NO!NO!” I shout…..breathless, my eyes flutter open, cloudy and glassy with unshed tears ,and then I start to cry my heart out silently, and watch as my tears stain his smiling face only visible in a little piece of colored photograph.

“Grandpa, you left without saying a word. Weren’t we supposed to go there together someday?”
“Are you watching over me now? Can you tell that my heart is breaking apart?”-were questions that I had, that were never answered.


We all encounter occasional typical presentation assignments in variety of classes. The typical presentation takes five to ten minutes and often consists of researched information and each student comes to the front of the class to tell of the information they find.

The presentation we did for our english 11/Pre-AP however is not a typical presentation. The class was divided into groups of three and each member of each groups have specific roles. The goal of this project is to design a lesson about the book “down these mean streets” and analyze the social issues encountered in this book using psychoanalytic concepts that are present. Psychoanalysis is the breaking up of the mind (personality)  into basic parts.

 This lesson has to take a minimum of thirty minutes but often takes the whole period. In this lesson, each group has to create an aim to base the lesson on, research common core learning standards, creating a TAP by finding relevant video clips or informational text that will be used to develop the class’ understand of the times and social issues found in the book. Then move to the main lesson which, uses psychoanalysis to understand why the characters do what they do using evidence for the text.

 The most important section in this lesson is perhaps the discussion questions where each group asks the class questions that will help to deeply analyze sections of the book and  its characters. This is the section that profoundly makes the difference between this presentation and others and makes this more of a teaching experience rather than a presentation.

By: Sheriff Sanni

The College Now Experience

Last week, not many people knew that the College Now’s fall semester had ended. With this term over, a new one will start in the spring. Students may wonder, “What is college now?” and “why is it useful to me?”

College Now is a program that allows high school students to take college classes while in high school. You can earn college credits that can be transferred to a specific CUNY and/or SUNY college. The courses you can acquire vary depending on the subject of the course and the specific requirements needed to be involved in the class. The application packet comes with a list of courses, the date and time of each class, course descriptions, and the application itself. Along with your application, your transcript needs to be attached as well.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     It is fairly simple to sign up for College Now, but there isn’t a guarantee that everyone will be accepted. It’s not like the coordinators of College Now just randomly pick a name out of a hat and choose someone. Based on your transcript, it depends on whether you get chosen or not, not saying it has to be crystal clear.

College Now is beneficial for students because it exposes them to the college experience. Not only do students take college classes to earn credits, they also get to learn in a college environment, meaning they go to the college that offers the program. The students even get their own college ID.

Being in a college environment helps high school students to get a taste of what college is like. Instead of going to the same school every day, they are able to meet new people that are involved in the program and are able to express themselves intellectually.

If you are interested in signing up for College Now, it is wise to fill out an application to apply for the spring term before time runs out.

By: Naomi Bisnauth

Town Hall Meeting

Since the beginning of the school year, the administration of Transit Tech High School has been attempting to get students evolved with activities occurring at school which can open great opportunities for the students. As of November, the school came up with the idea of a monthly meeting also known as the Town Hall meeting which we have with the student body where we can talk about opportunities the school has to offer, opinions about what is occurring in school as well as give the students an opportunity to showcase any talents that they may hold such as singing, dancing, artwork, poetry and many more. As a Junior, I feel that these monthly meetings that we have is a great way of knowing what is going on in school and it gives students a chance to showcase how talented they are. Performing in December’s Town Hall Meeting was amazing and I was elated to see how many people in my school that were passionate in what they do. It gave students a chance to express how they feel in other art forms instead of writing it on a piece of paper. I look forward to being apart of the town hall meetings that we have and seeing how many people would be interested to be apart of the meetings as well. These meetings that we have will bring students together to be involved in something positive and aware everyone about the opportunities that the school has to offer.



By: Safiya Henry

CFM – Career Finance and Management Course – Video Project

Mr. Ahmed’s CFM students were assigned a mini-video project on proper work-ethic in a corporate environment. An area that is often overlooked or neglected after a person is hired is a person’s work-ethic. In order to demonstrate excellent work-ethic, our students created videos that compare good work-ethic to bad work-ethic. This will provide our viewers a clear understanding of what to do and what NOT to do when it comes to obtaining and keeping your career.

Video 1 –

Video 2 –

Video 3 –

My Present and My future – By Nicholas Singh

My Present and My Future

Hello, I am Nicholas Singh. I am in the graduating class of 2017, but I look forward to graduating college in 2021. I currently attend Transit Technical High School and I am a sophomore. It is actually my first year at Transit Tech. Last year I attended a charter school. My experience thus far at Transit Tech has been monumental and exciting. Transit Tech has allowed me to grow in many different ways. For example, I participate in many extracurricular activities like Global Kids, ACE Mentor, and Rail Car Lab Committee. I have additionally noticed that my grades have been increasing, since I have been at Transit Tech. Most importantly, Transit Tech has allowed me to decide what I want to do in the future.

At Transit, I take electrical shop, Physical Education, Living Environment, Algebra II/Trig, Literature, and Global History III. All of my classes except for Physical Education are honor classes. My favorite class is electrical shop. At electrical shop, my inspirational teacher, Mr. Garcia teaches us about circuit development as well as the concepts of completing energized jobs on a wiring board. Electrical shop is composed of two periods each day. In the first period of Garcia’s class, we are taught the concepts and logic behind wiring. In the second period, we actually work on the job boards as a real technician would. Electrical class has been an amazing experience so far because I am learning how to demonstrate my understanding of my work on paper as well as on the job board. I demonstrate my understanding on paper after I complete a written description of the job when the board is energized along with three diagrams (layout, wiring, and schematic) to show how the pilot control devices and current consuming devices are arranged within the circuit. When the boards are not working as we plan, we test for continuity and we realize our faults. We analyze and we fix our mistakes until the board works as directed. This not only teaches us to be responsible for our work. It also prepares us for the real world, where we will soon be working on trains, cars, houses, and a wide variety of things.

I am currently involved with many organizations that are both in and out of school. One organization that I participate in is Global Kids. Global Kids is an after school program at Transit Tech. At Global Kids, there is a large amount of students who come together after school on selected days to complete a workshop. The workshops guide students in the right direction and the guidance counselors enlighten the students about modern day conflicts so that the students are more likely to make judicious decisions. Global Kids has enabled me to connect with students who are within my age group and also form a community. This has been a great way for me to adapt to the new school environment as well as network. Specifically, with the assistance of Global Kids, I got accepted into a beneficial program known as ACE Mentor. ACE Mentor is an organization that prepares high school students for different careers in the fields of architecture, construction, and engineering with the assistance of professionals in the specific industries. ACE Mentor enlightens over 8,000 students residing in forty states across the nation. The primary motive for ACE Mentor is for the students to learn what it is like to work in a design and construction industry and portray their ideas and knowledge by constructing and presenting a tangible model of a place they wish to see created. My specific meeting spot is at NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering where my team is led by a professor and other professionals of the three industries. We meet every Wednesday from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM. I recognized that I would treasure this internship on the date of first team meeting. On the first team meeting, the professor took the team on a NYU site that had been under construction. The professor provided the entire team with brand new hard hats inscribed with the NYU logo to keep. At this very moment of time, I realized that my experience at ACE would be promising. I realized that ACE Mentor would grant me many future opportunities. ACE mentor provides summer jobs and internships for the student participants as well as scholarships to students who are eligible in their senior year. I will be granted many opportunities and jobs if I continue to take advantage of this program, so I am very fortunate to be accepted into this program. Every Thursday, I meet up with two other students at Transit and we work on trains in the rail car lab. We are members of the Rail Car Lab Committee. Our focus is to explore the different parts of the train and learn how they enable the train to move. This is helpful for us because this experience is preparing us for potential job opportunities like the MTA and Amtrak. We are also learning more about trains than the average high school student. Thus, my involvement in organizations in and out of Transit has enabled me to be more diligent and focused than I have been in the past.

Transferring to Transit Tech has been one of the most prudent decisions that I have made in my life. I am being informed about different fields of work that I could take into account of joining in the future. In the near future, I yearn to become an electromechanical engineer because of my fascination of moving things. As an electromechanical engineer, I will be able to work on a variety of technological innovations like robots, trains, or cars. I am very fortunate to be able to attend a school where I can participate in many organizations and build great relationships with the staff and students. Transit has enabled me to network and advocate for my future. Transit Tech has provided a concrete foundation for my long term goals. Transit is giving me far more than hope. It is offering me a promising future.


By Nicholas Singh – 10th Grade Student

Sheriff: Learning computer engineering

I have always been fascinated with technology and how it works. Therefore I was pleased to get the opportunity to learn more about computers in my computer engineering class.  I came into this class with only basic knowledge of technology, but now know much more.  I have learned and understood new words and what they mean.  I can identify many peripherals of a computer.  Although I am still a long way from knowing everything about computer technology, I am looking forward to learning much more.

Andrew’s experience in computer engineering

My name is Andrew, I am in a amazing class. I take a shop class for computer engineering. It is something I always wanted to take. At first, the class was a bit tedious. The first quiz I took for the class was really hard for me. As the school year went on, I started to comprehend the topics in the class. My teacher , Mr. Ahmed, made the lessons easy to understand.

I learned so many things in this class. I never knew the brain of the computer was the CPU, I always thought it was the motherboard. I also got the opportunity to see the inside of a computer in person. That is just one of many things I have learned in this class. There is a 3 part certification exam, hopefully I can pass all three and get certified. It would mean a lot to me if I passed all three parts. It is a great thing to have certifications and skills. Computer engineering is one of my favorite subjects. I hope I can have another class like this.

How interesting Computer Engineering can be

My name is Jose and I’m in a program that I would’ve never thought I would be in. This program is called “Computer Technology and Engineering”, this program has taught me a lot about computer hardware, and software. When the first day of class occured my mind didn’t know how to do a screw test, troubleshoot an IP address, and other things. Now I can take certain parts out of a pc such as the hard drive, ram(s), IDE cables, CD drive, motherboard, and the power supply. This has changed my life on how interesting computers can really be.

When I took the first test of the class i failed it terrible but during the days, weeks, and months I’ve been working hard to pass, and some exams I’ve been passing I can see some changes. On software I’ve learned how to remove virus, learned the difference between firewall and Antivirus, and some codes for command prompt. My mind is just been focused on getting certified. Now am going to get certified and be a great technician.