About us

Transit Tech is a model Career and Technical Education high school.

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About us

We work collaboratively with industry partners to provide substantive transitional planning for our graduates.

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Mission & Vision

The Vision that guides Transit Tech is to create, promote and foster a learning environment, which enables every student the opportunity to reach his/her full potential academically, socially, emotionally, and physically in an ever-changing global society.

Transit Tech focuses on individual growth, enabling a student to develop a solid academic background required for post secondary education, as well as the background in career and technical skills essential to succeed in an ever-changing world.

We provide the resources necessary for students to achieve these goals, by remaining accountable to all constituents for excellent educational practice, partnering students, parents, community members, and staff into a binding educational contract which acknowledges a collaborative and concerted effort by all.

The Mission of Transit Tech is to provide standards-based educational and technical programs using a continuum of services in a nurturing environment, purposefully structured to provide students with the necessary skills needed to pursue post-secondary opportunities for employment and obtain life-long learning experiences. Here at Transit, we believe all students can learn.

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From the Principal

With a sustained period of success advancing the educational goals of Black and Latino students, Transit Tech has been the desired choice for thousands of students and parents.  In addition, our staff provides the rigorous environment to develop and nurture 21st century skills, which have established Transit Tech as one of the most successful Career and Technical Education schools in New York City.

Transit Tech provides students with a comprehensive education that is rich with technical and academic knowledge that enables our students to gain immediate trade employment and motivates our students to pursue pathways to college and professional careers.  In addition to offering specialized majors ending with internationally recognized certification from the New York State Department of Education, Transit Tech offers four years of math and science, which provides the necessary core to enhance trade skills development and encourage students to advance their education to be successful in universities and professional careers. Moreover, Transit Tech prepares students to be able to adapt and be ready to accept their place as successful members of the global economic community.

Transit Tech is a dynamic institution that seeks to place our students in the best position to monitor employment trends and gain access to newly developing fields by constantly assessing the sustainability of existing programs, acquiring resources and seeking opportunities to develop new viable programs.  Furthermore, we are very proud of the success of our longstanding relationship with the Metropolitan Transit Authority.  At Transit Tech, we understand the importance of flexibility and adapting to the rapidly moving technological shifts that are making once thriving technical trades obsolete, but we also ground our students in a rigorous core curriculum that creates a variety of options.

There have been significant changes at Transit Tech since the school emerged in the 1920s and had its first graduating class in the building in 1944.  World War II no longer dominates the nation’s affairs, but military actions globally are frequent and fears about the state of the economy are still ever present.  Here at Transit Tech, our instruction has evolved to implement a problem-based approach with serious application of learned concepts. In addition, culminating projects are infused throughout our educational programs to ensure mastery of the subjects.  The students immediately understand that a significant part of learning is actually doing.  We are constantly seeking and arranging internships and employment opportunities for our students.   Lastly, we look forward to you conducting a thorough search for the best educational setting for your child and considering Transit Tech as that best possible option.

Marlon Bynum, Principal

Principal Bynum Hosting – MTA / DOE / DOT Dignitary Visit to Transit Tech