9-12 Course Sequences

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Course Sequences

Grade-by-grade (9-12) academic paths for students.

9th Grade

  • English 9
  • Global 9
  • Algebra 9
  • Living Environment
  • Intro to Engineering & Design (PLTW)
  • Introduction to Law or Intro to Computer Science (Electives)
  •  Physical Education/Health
  • Foreign Language (Spanish)

10th Grade

  • English 10
  • Global 10
  • Geometry
  • Chemistry
  • Physical Education
  • Criminology-Intro Computer Engineering (IC3)
  • Intro to Computer Engineering (IC3) or Digital Electronics PLTW Electrical Installation or Computer Engineering (Computer Science IC3)

11th Grade

  • English 11 or AP Language or AP Literature
  • U.S. History 11th or AP Government
  • Trigonometry
  • Physics or AP Environmental Science or AP Biology
  • Physical Education
  • Cyber Security or AP Computer Science (Electives)
  • Computer Engineering (A+) or Computer Engineering (AP Computer Science) Digital Electronics (ETA) or Transit Industrial Electrical (Copper C-Tech) or Transit Technician (NOCTI or NCCER) or Computer Engineering (A+)

12th Grade

  • English 12 or AP English Language or AP English Literature
  • US Government-Economics/AP Government
  • AP Statistics
  • Physics or AP Biology or AP Environmental Science or AP Psychology
  • Physical Education/Career and Financial Management (CTEA)
  • Computer Forensics/Cyber Security – Internet Hacking
  • Computer Engineering (A+) or Digital Electronics (Copper C-Tech) or Transit Industrial Electrical (Solar 1, G-PRO) or Transit Technician or Computer Engineering (C++)